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HydroCharting ApS Survey Utilities
The utility program HYDROBIB is meant to be used as a “knowledge database” for placing various information that I by experience know will come in handy from time to time.
The intention of the utility is to be used for classroom sonar/hydrography training etc.

The software is provided as “freeware”. I cannot guarantee or assume responsibility of any of the calculations or information provided in HYDROBIB.
If you have comments or suggestions to this page or to HYDROBIB, you are most welcome to give me a call or send an email: jjh@hydrochart.dk

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Changes from previous versions:
It has been reported that some users have had problems getting HYDROBIB to run. I suspect that it has been related to the regional settings of the individual user’s PC. It should be resolved in this version – but please let me know if you experience any problems.

Survey calculations are now gathered under the tab “R2 Calculations”:

Hydrobib 1

“R2 Calculations” has been updated and a new option for calculating the a priori TPU values of a multibeam sonar survey setup is introduced.

Hydrobib 2

The R2 TPU Calculator is to provide a general calculation of the THU and TVU values under different situations and system configurations. Various hydrographic specification requirements can be compared to the TPU calculations.

It is possible to save the calculation results in a PDF format report

For the IHO Calculator, I would like to express my gratitude to Giorgio Cover (Italy/Holland) and to Johnnie Blom (Sjöfartsverket/Sweden) for contributing with

inputs to the Dutch and Swedish/Finnish hydrographic specifications.

COM testing
Testing of data on serial ports has been improved and extended (Hydroterminal).

Whereas the serial port monitor (Hydroterminal) is now fully functional, I am still working on the network monitor (Hydronetwork). It is, however, possible to monitor standard UDP broadcasting from a network address in this version.

Please remember that programs, text and illustrations are our property or the property of others from whom we have been granted permission of use.

Latest release version: Version 2017_2a


Jesper Sano Højdal
05. May 2017

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