About HydroCharting ApS

Hydrocharting Aps. is etablished in year 2004 by Jesper Sano Højdal and is a company which provide measurement services and sales in the field of oceanography and geodesy.

Our vision is continuous development and provide the highest quality of our services and sales on a global scale.

We can boast of extensive experience and knowledge in the field of oceanography and geodesy, which is why we want our clients to be able to use the most professional services and products on a global scale.

We attach great importance to the skills and work quality of our employees.

Our mission is:

To maintain our reputation for land surveying and hydrography.
To maintain our knowledge for technological innovation.
To provide high level of customer service and support.

To build a healthy mental and physical work environment.

Our company shares departaments in Danmark and newly etablished departament in Nigeria.