R2Sonic – Sonic2022

The Sonic 2022 is highly portable – at 60% the size of a full length Sonic 2024 receiver array. The form factor makes it ideal for integration into small AUV, ROV, or small boat operations. Customers around the world are able to sound to depths between 350-450m or more in most typical environments using the 2024/2022 systems.

 The Sonic 2022 can be upgraded to Ultra High Resolution – providing extremely narrow beam widths at 700kHz operation. The narrow beam widths at 700 kHz make this option invaluable for detail offshore site surveys such as pipeline inspections, cable laying operations, archeological wreck surveys or other micro bathymetry applications. When UHR™ is selected, the beam width is 0.3° x 0.6° (2024) , 0.6° x 0.6° (2022) and 1⁰ x 1⁰ (2020), providing unprecedented small bottom footprints.

 Since 2009, R2Sonic 2024/2022 systems have provided the ability to achieve soundings in excess of 450m below sonar using standard Continuous Wave (CW) techniques.