R2Sonic – Sonic2020

SONIC 2020
Multibeam Echosounder

The Sonic 2020 is the low-cost entry level broadband multibeam echosounder for shallow water ways you’ve been looking for! This highly portable, easy to use unit makes survey operations efficient and fast! Ideal for river systems, riparian, estuaries, reservoirs, and lakes.

The Sonic 2020 can be upgraded to Ultra High Resolution – providing extremely narrow beam widths at 700kHz operation. The narrow beam widths at 700 kHz make this option invaluable for detail offshore site surveys such as pipeline inspections, cable laying operations, archeological wreck surveys or other micro bathymetry applications. When UHR™ is selected, the beam width is 0.3° x 0.6° (2024) , 0.6° x 0.6° (2022) and 1⁰ x 1⁰ (2020), providing unprecedented small bottom footprints.