General Acoustics – SUBPRO1210

The SUBPRO1210 is a state-of-the-art high-frequency, high-power survey system, optimised for shallow waters allowing survey at depths as shallow as 1.5m.
The sediment echosounder has high-resolution on sediment penetration. It´s typical seabed penetration is up to 10m in sand.


  • Complete Stand-Alone System and Easy System Integration
  • Suitable for a Wide Range of Survey Tasks
  • Shallow Water Surveying starting at 1.5 m
  • Typical Seabed Penetration up to 10 m (in Sand)
  • Highest Detection Probability of Objects and Layers
  • Real-Time Zoom and Re-Processing
  • Very high dynamic range and SNR
  • Advanced signal processing and advanced gain functions
  • Fulfils most sub-bottom surveying tasks in only one system
  • Typical Seabed Penetration up to 10m in sand
  • Highest Detection Probability of objects and layers
  • Real-Time Zoom and re-processing of RAW data
  • Shallow Water Surveying starting at 1.5m
  • Easy to use WINDOWS software SUBPRO Studio for operation and re-processing
  • Complete stand-alone system and easy system integration
  • Simultaneous sub-bottom and hydrographic results
  • Effective thanks to multiple results from the same dataset and to superior results per ping ratio
  • No result interpretation with customized processing modules