Hydrographic Seminar – Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Port Harcourt, Nigeria 08 March 2022

Introducing the HydroCharting Approach

Presentations – Discussions – Challenges

Are you “smart” when planning, executing, processing and managing your hydrographic data and projects?

Hydrographer/survey manager – do you ever ask yourself:
When selecting a multibeam sonar: 
What should I be looking out for – What is important and what is BS?

When planning your multibeam survey: 
What is the impact of line spacing, swath coverage,
beamwidth, number of footprints etc…?
What is in that bloody survey spec…?

When mobilizing for the survey: 
What peripheral equipment and where to mount it?
What about the RTK base station/network?Are there more simple and intelligent solutions to your INS and position requirements?

When acquiring your data:
What situations to avoid and what data to ensure?

When processing your data:
What tools are available?
What are the most simple, intelligent, and reliable methods?
How to use and how to trust cleaning algorithms?
What is that “CUBE” thing?

When organizing, storing, and sharing your data:
Survey completed – disks are filled with gigabytes of beautiful data – How to get an overview and how to stay organized?

HydroCharting ApS through the Nigeria office presents ideas and manufacturers specializing in intelligent geophysical data acquisition and processing. You are invited to participate in the discussions, learn from others and share your knowledge.

Registration:  Not later than Friday 04 March 2022

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Please note:

  • Observation of COVID-19 protocol shall be strictly observed