June 26 – 30, 2023
Venue: HydroCharting Nigeria – Plot 36/37 Peter Odili Road, Port Harcourt, NIGERIA
Time : 10:00am

Deadline: June 20, 2023
Registration : https://bit.ly/3YHnEDQ

The training program covers extensive information about the software and will ensure that you are provided with the information you need to use Qinsy and Qimera.

Hydrographic Seminar – Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Port Harcourt, Nigeria 08 March 2022

Introducing the HydroCharting Approach

Presentations – Discussions – Challenges

Are you “smart” when planning, executing, processing and managing your hydrographic data and projects?

Hydrographer/survey manager – do you ever ask yourself:
When selecting a multibeam sonar: 
What should I be looking out for – What is important and what is BS?

When planning your multibeam survey: 
What is the impact of line spacing, swath coverage,
beamwidth, number of footprints etc…?
What is in that bloody survey spec…?

When mobilizing for the survey: 
What peripheral equipment and where to mount it?
What about the RTK base station/network?Are there more simple and intelligent solutions to your INS and position requirements?

When acquiring your data:
What situations to avoid and what data to ensure?

When processing your data:
What tools are available?
What are the most simple, intelligent, and reliable methods?
How to use and how to trust cleaning algorithms?
What is that “CUBE” thing?

When organizing, storing, and sharing your data:
Survey completed – disks are filled with gigabytes of beautiful data – How to get an overview and how to stay organized?

HydroCharting ApS through the Nigeria office presents ideas and manufacturers specializing in intelligent geophysical data acquisition and processing. You are invited to participate in the discussions, learn from others and share your knowledge.

Registration:  Not later than Friday 04 March 2022

HydroCharting Nigeria Limited
Plot 37/38 Peter Odili Road
Port Harcourt
Phone: +23 49062547255
E-mail: nigeria@hydrocharting.com

Please note:

  • Observation of COVID-19 protocol shall be strictly observed

QPS Software Training – Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Qinsy and sniff of Qimera

Port Harcourt, Nigeria March 9 – 10, 2022

Introducing the HydroCharting Approach

A 2-day introduction to hydrographic data acquisition and processing

 During the two days we will be covering these topics:

Creating a Qinsy project
Creating a template database
Create Survey Lines 

Online – Survey Setup Controller
Session Setup 
Computation Setup
Exercise 6C-1 : Computation Setup
Echosounder Settings


Survey Manager 
User interface and Layout
Dynamic Surface
Sounding Grid
Volume Calculations 

Generic Layout Editor 
Create Generic Display


I/O Driver Editor
Create manual input driver 

Additional Object 

(Editing and Interpolating) 

Side Scan Sonar

And wrapping it up with a brief introduction to the QPS postprocessing tool:  Qimera

The training will take place at the HydroCharting Nigeria facilities in Port Harcourt.

For registration, please Contact:
HydroCharting Nigeria Limited
Plot 37/38 Peter Odili Road
Port Harcourt
Phone : +23 49062547255

Please note:

  • Attendees are to bring their own laptop/PC – with minimum requirement Windows 10 and 40 GB of free disk space.
  • Observation of COVID-19 protocol shall be strictly observed

KLEIN Marine Systems, INC.

We are very pleased to announce that we have reached an International Representative Agreement with KLEIN Marine Systems, INC. (a subsidiary of MIND Technology, INC).

The agreement between KLEIN Marine Systems and HydroCharting is covering the territory of Denmark and Nigeria.

We are now able to provide the fine KLEIN products such as the top end KLEIN 4K-SVY and full technical support to our clients in Denmark and Nigeria.

New technologies – The KLEIN side scan sonar 4K-SVY on display on the OB2021.

Major features:

  • Dual Modes 300 kHz/600 kHz
  • Depth Rated to 2000m
  • Accurate target Positioning at survey speed
  • Enhanced Motion Tolerance
  • Tru-BottomTM tracking

HydroCharting Survey now offers KRAB track geometry measurements

Throughout the years HydroCharting ApS has been working on Danish railway projects with our survey team.
We have been helping our customers with stakeout, profiles, machine control, volume calculation amongst other things.
We are now happy to be able to add another service to our list.
Through an agreement with Kim Jæger from Jysk Landmåling, we are now able to offer KRAB measurements.

The KRAB™ complete track geometry measurement system was designed as a unique, stand-alone measuring system. The KRAB is a trolley that can be pushed / pulled by a human operator or coupled with a vehicle.

HydroCharting and Jysk Landmåling has a long history together, so we are very pleased to have been able to make this deal with them, and are looking forward to a good partnership.

If you are looking to have a KRAB measurement done, then please contact us at mjh@hydrochart.dk or kj@jlm.as.

HydroCharting ApS confirms the reseller agreement with QPS

For more than 25 years, Quality Positioning Services (QPS) have been experts in maritime geomatics software and services.
Since 2004, HydroCharting ApS has been appointed reseller for QPS.

We are proud to announce that QPS and HydroCharting have signed an agreement on continued cooperation and support with our clients in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, The Faroes and Nigeria.
Furthermore, the renewed agreement extends our area to include Norway, Svalbard, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.
To be able to support our clients fully, we have extended our support staff with Senior Hydrographic Engineer Rasmus Andersen.


GeoAcoutstics Ltd.

Jesper Hoejdal from HydroCharting ApS Denmark was attending Ocean Business 2021 in Southampton/UK.
New friendships and relations arise during such events and a warm thank you to Linda and Richard Dowdeswell of GeoAcoustics for allowing us to be resellers of the fine GeoAcoustic products. 
The agreement is a Channel Partner agreement covering Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Nigeria.